tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

In need of support!!


Hey baby's! 
I have been offered to blog at bloggersdelight! YAY. So I am moving blog address to www.mariajernov.bloggersdelight.dk so please please go follow me on bloglovin! I need your support to get the new blog going :) You have all been so sweet to follow me so I hope you will also at the new blog :) YES it is me eating a very large cookie in the picture, I have nothing to say to that matter other than it was delicious!

I love you guys so much thank you for following me on blogspot, but it is time for a change, I hope you will hop over to the new blog! THANK YOU<3<3<3


mandag den 3. september 2012

Those Business Days


So time for fashion flea 2012, in ÅRHUS this time, wuhuuu! Its always in copenhagen and buhu thats too far away from where I live. So I spent my saturday in Århus with my family and so I dressed for the part... what part, I don't know. 

Fashion Flea was a huge disappointment unfortunately :( I didn't find anything I liked at all and it was all so unorganized and one big ramble. I did find a burberry jacket I really liked but it had some marks and scratches that i didn't want to pay for, cause it was still, quite expensive even though it was used.

Anyway what I wore saturday was my fake leather skirt from H&M, which was a very impulsive buy from my part, but I like it a lot! Also wore my vintage shirt that I bought at buffalo exchange in Boulder, CO. Studded loafers from same store and my Gestuz Blazer, which is longer in the back than in the front which makes it AWESOME! To finish it off my louis vuitton bag.. It goes with everything and I love it.

In the last photo I am wearing a quite beautiful man, if I do say so myself, who is also known as my boyfriend Mathias :) He was so sweet to go to the fashion flea with me. Poor guy!


tirsdag den 28. august 2012

Probably Pure Perfection

Peplum Leather Goods From ZARA

I can't believe how amazing this jacket is, it blows my mind. The cut is fantastic, the material is delicious and the fit is unbelievable. I saw this jacket in Zara downtown Amsterdam this late july and I've been thinking of it ever since, but it is quite expensive so I am unfortunately sure I won't get my hands on this baby, but oh my I can always dream! 

Its already been sold out and is off the Zara paige, but you can maybe get it on ebay if you are willing to pay almost 200 pounds for it.. :( !

Hope everyone have a wonderful tuesday!


torsdag den 23. august 2012

Instagram weekly

I like this hype


I like the whole instagrammin' thing, I'm just not as active as id like to be but do I take some photos. Mostly of food.. hmm... I wonder why (fatty me). Im right now looking at apartments, thinking about moving closer to school, I'm so tired of the bus it takes away all my time. 


mandag den 20. august 2012

Nailpolish Video UP!

"Thank you for watching"

Wanna see what nail polishes I got in the US? Then check out my new video on youtube :) I am sick right now, sitting here monday afternoon in international economy, and i love this subject but I'm sick :( BAH.. 

Hope everyone is well!

Love ya!